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Q101. Which statements listed below describe the data dictionary views?

1. These are stored in the SYSTEM tablespace

2. These are the based on the virtual tables

3. These are owned by the SYS user

4. These can be queried by a normal user only if O7_DICTIONARY_ACCESSIBLILITY parameter is set to TRUE

5. The V$FIXED_TABLE view can be queried to list the names of these views

A. 1 and 3

B. 2,3 and 5

C. 1,2, and 5

D. 2,3,4 and 5

Answer: A

Q102. Identify the logical structure that will never have more than one data segment created for it.

A. external table

B. partitioned table

C. partitioned index

D. nonclustered table

E. global temporary table

Answer: D

Q103. In your database instance, the STATISTICS_LEVEL initialization parameter is set to BASIC.

What is the impact of this setting?

A. Optimizer statistics are collected automatically.

B. Only timed operating system (OS) statistics and plan execution statistics are collected.

C. The snapshots for the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) are not generated automatically.

D. Snapshots cannot be collected manually by using the DBMS_WORKLOAD_REPOSITORY package.

E. The Oracle server dynamically generates the necessary statistics on tables as part of query optimization.

Answer: C

Q104. You execute a command to resize a data file, sales.dbf, of size 200 MB in your database:

ALTER DATABASE DATAFILE '/remorse/sales.dbf' RESIZE 150M;

Which statement is true about this command?

A. The command must be issued in MOUNT state.

B. The command succeeds only if the data file is offline.

C. The command must be issued when the database is in the archivelog mode.

D. The command succeeds if no extent in the tablespace is currently allocated above the 150 MB boundary of the file.

Answer: D

Q105. Your database instance is started using the server parameter file (SPFILE). You executed a

command to change the value of the LOG_BUFFER initialization parameter:


What would be the outcome of this command?

A. The command succeeds only if Automatic Memory Management is not enabled.

B. The command succeeds, but you need to restart the database for changes to take effect.

C. The command returns an error because the size of the redo log buffer cannot be changed dynamically.

D. The parameter value is changed and it comes into effect as soon as space becomes available in the System Global Area (SGA).

Answer: C

Q106. Which statement is true about the Manageability Monitor (MMON) background process?

A. It transfers statistics from memory to disk at regular intervals.

B. It coordinates the rebalance activity for disk groups when ASM is used.

C. It communicates with the Automatic Storage Management (ASM) instance on behalf of the database instance.

D. It performs dynamic memory management when Automatic Shared Memory Management is enabled for the database instance.

Answer: A

Q107. Which two statements are true about the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR)? (Choose two.)

A. All AWR tables belong to the SYSTEM schema

B. The AWR contains systemwide tracing and logging information

C. The snapshots collected by the AWR are accessible through data dictionary views

D. The snapshots collected by the AWR are used by self-tuning components in the database

Answer: CD

Q108. Which three statements are true about logical structures of the Oracle database? (Choose three.)

A. Each segment contains one or more extents.

B. Multiple tablespaces can share a single data file.

C. A data block is the smallest unit of input/output (I/O) in data files.

D. It is possible to have tablespaces of different block sizes in a database.

E. Each data block in the database always corresponds to one operating system block.

Answer: ACD

Q109. View the Exhibit to examine the details for an incident.

Which statement is true regarding the status of the incident?

A. The DBA is working on the incident and prefers that the incident be kept in the ADR

B. The incident is now in the Done state and the ADR can select the incident to be purged

C. The incident has been newly created and is in the process of collecting diagnostic information

D. The data collection for the incident is complete and the incident can be packaged and sent to Oracle Support

Answer: D

Q110. Your database instance is currently configured to support 1,500 connections. The Web application that uses the database allows a large number of users to work with the database simultaneously.

Some users of the Web application do not interact with the server all the time. You want to increase the scalability by configuring the database instance to handle more connections. As a DBA, which configuration would you set to support more than 1,500 connections at a time?

A. You would configure more listeners for the database.

B. You would configure the database in shared server mode to use the connection pooling feature.

C. You would increase the value of the PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET initialization parameter that assigns more session memory to users.

D. You would decrease the value of the PRIVATE_SGA resource limit in the profiles used by the users to accommodate more session information.

Answer: B

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