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Q21. The Audit Intersection link in Data Grid menus takes the user to: 

A. The Data Audit listing for the cell 

B. The FDM location used to load the data 

C. The database log for the data storage table 

D. The Task Audit page 

E. Line item details 


Q22. What four actions can an administrator perform from the FM Administration menu? 

A. Manage documents. 

B. View system messages. 

C. Run Data and Task Audits. 

D. Manage Task Flows. 

E. Manage Security. 

Answer: ABCD 

Q23. Identify two true statements about the native data load file format. 

A. The default column order for the native data file is Scenario, Year, Period, View, Entity, Value, Account, ICP, Custom1, Custom2, Custom3, and Custom4. 

B. You cannot change the column order for the data file. 

C. The Group section defines the POV for the data file; you can define only a single member for each POV dimension. 

D. The Line Items detail section contains data values. 

E. The Group section is required. 

Answer: AD 

Q24. Given the following syntax in a business rule: Identify the two variables. 

A. Calculate () 

B. strview 

C. Hs.Exp 


E. strPOV 

Answer: BE 

Q25. Identify the two true statements about rule types in FM. 

A. The Dynamic rule type allows you to calculate both parent and base accounts. 

B. The NoInput rule type prevents users from entering data into specific cells or slices of cells using Hs.Nolnput. 

C. Calculate, Dynamic, Allocation, Input, No Input, Translate, Consolidate, Transactions, and Equity pickup are all valid rule types. 

D. If you need to calculate Gross Margin %, use the Translate rule type. 

E. Calculation rules are run only with FM specific calculation commands in Financial Management; no general VB commands. 

Answer: BC 

Q26. Custom dimensions may be used to perform A. Cash Flows 

B. Roll forwards 

C. Historical Overrides 

D. B and C 

E. A, B, and C 


Q27. What is the primary purpose of Extended Analytics in FM? 

A. Exports Financial Management metadata and data to an Essbase database 

B. Exports Financial Management metadata and data to a relational database 

C. Exports Financial Management metadata and data to an Excel pivot table 

D. Provides analytic capabilities directly against the Financial Management application 


Q28. Before you can define an alias for a dimension or member in EPMA, you must 

A. Do nothing; the Alias property is created by default 

B. Create an Alias dimension and associate it 

C. Create an Alias attribute 

D. Create an Alias Property 

E. Create an Alias Table 


Q29. What are the two required steps for creating data synchronization? 

A. Map dimensions. 

B. Assign default members. 

C. Define mappings for all members 

D. Create the synchronization. 

E. Filter dimensions 

Answer: AB 

Q30. The Account dimension's Is ICP "R" property specifies________. 

A. If ICP transactions, including self-ICP transactions, are enabled for the account 

B. If ICP transactions are not enabled for the account 

C. if ICP transactions can be drilled back to source activity 

D. if ICP transactions are enabled for the account, but the account cannot have ICP transactions with itself 


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