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Q151. Refer to the exhibit.

Which process does the image in the exhibit depict?

A. PureDisk server deduplication

B. client-side deduplication

C. OpenStorage deduplication

D. media server deduplication

Answer: D

Q152. The NetBackup Resource Broker (NBRB) maintains resource requests for jobs that are queued. Which two criteria does NBRB use to evaluate the resource requests and provide resources to each job sequentially? (Select two.)

A. job priority

B. date of last successful backup

C. data classification rank ID

D. time when NBRB receives the request

E. available network bandwidth

Answer: AD

Q153. What are two ways to recover an entire Symantec NetBackup 7.0 catalog? (Select two.)

A. use the Catalog Recovery Wizard

B. use bprestore -wizard

C. use the Backup, Archive, and Restore interface

D. use bprecover -wizard

E. use bprecover -nbdb

Answer: AD

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Q154. Which two media status designations are excluded in the count against maximum number of partially full media? (Select two.)

A. Frozen

B. Imported

C. Active

D. Available

E. Inactive

Answer: AB

Q155. An administrator creates a storage lifecycle policy with the following configuration:

Use For Storage Unit Retention Period

Backup AdvancedDisk1 2 weeks

Duplication PureDisk1 1 month

Duplication TLD_01234 1 year

Upon saving the policy the administrator receives an error. Which setting should the administrator change to resolve the error?

A. change the default "Maximum number of jobs per client"

B. change the first retention period to 1 month

C. change the default "Maximum backup copies"

D. change the second storage unit to TLD tape

Answer: C

Q156. The new IT Manager requests a detailed list of all media servers, which includes information about which tape libraries are attached to them and which media is currently installed in each tape library.

Which command should an administrator use to obtain this information?

A. ncss (NetBackup Consolidated Support Script)

B. ndmp (NetBackup Detail Management Program)

C. nbmss (NetBackup Master Support Script)

D. nbsu (NetBackup Support Utility)

Answer: D

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