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Exambible offers free demo for ccnp security sisas 300 208 official cert guide pdf exam. "SISAS Implementing Cisco Secure Access Solutions (SISAS)", also known as cisco 300 208 exam, is a Cisco Certification. This set of posts, Passing the Cisco 300 208 sisas exam, will help you answer those questions. The 300 208 sisas Questions & Answers covers all the knowledge points of the real exam. 100% real Cisco ccnp security sisas 300 208 official cert guide exams and revised by experts!

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New Cisco 300-208 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 15 - Question 24)

New Questions 15

What is the first step that occurs when provisioning a wired device in a BYOD scenario?

A. The smart hub detects that the physically connected endpoint requires configuration and must use MAB to authenticate.

B. The URL redirects to the Cisco ISE Guest Provisioning portal.

C. Cisco ISE authenticates the user and deploys the SPW package.

D. The device user attempts to access a network URL.

Answer: A

New Questions 16

Which port does Cisco ISE use for native supplicant provisioning of a Windows machine?

A. TCP 8443

B. TCP/UDP 8905

C. TCP/UDP 8909

D. TCP 443

Answer: C


8909 : web, cisco nac agent, supplicant provisioning wizard installation 8905 : Cisco NAC agent update

New Questions 17

Which two components are required to connect to a WLAN network that is secured by EAP-TLS authentication? (Choose two.)

A. Kerberos authentication server

B. AAA/RADIUS server


D. CA server

Answer: B,D

New Questions 18

A security engineer has a new TrustSec project and must create a few static security group tag classifications as a proof of concept. Which two classifications can the tags be mapped to? (Choose two.)


B. user ID

C. interface

D. switch ID

E. MAC address

Answer: A,C

Explanation: In static classification the tag maps to some thing (an IP, subnet, VLAN, or interface) rather than relying on an authorization from the Cisco ISE.

This process of assigning the SGT is defined as u201cclassification.u201d These classifications are thentransported

deeper into the network for policy enforcement

New Questions 19

Which three posture states can be used for authorization rules? (Choose three.)

A. unknown

B. known

C. noncompliant

D. quarantined

E. compliant

F. no access

G. limited

Answer: A,C,E

New Questions 20

In the command 'aaa authentication default group tacacs local', how is the word 'default' defined?

A. Command set

B. Group name

C. Method list

D. Login type

Answer: C

New Questions 21

When RADIUS NAC and AAA Override are enabled for a WLC on a Cisco ISE, which two statements about RADIUS NAC are true? (Choose two.)

A. It returns an access-accept and sends the redirection URL for all users.

B. It establishes secure connectivity between the RADIUS server and the Cisco ISE.

C. It allows the Cisco ISE to send a CoA request that indicates when the user is authenticated.

D. It is used for posture assessment, so the Cisco ISE changes the user profile based on posture result.

E. It allows multiple users to authenticate at the same time.

Answer: C,D

New Questions 22

Which two are valid ISE posture conditions? (Choose two.)

A. Dictionary

B. memberOf

C. Profile status

D. File

E. Service

Answer: D,E

New Questions 23


Prime Uses Which protocol for devices discovery ?



New Questions 24

Refer to the exhibit.

Which URL must you enter in the External Webauth URL field to configure Cisco ISE CWA


A. https://ip_address:8443/guestportal/Login.action

B. https://ip_address:443/guestportal/Welcome.html

C. https://ip_address:443/guestportal/action=cpp

D. https://ip_address:8905/guestportal/Sponsor.action

Answer: A

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