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Testking offers free demo for 312-50v9 exam. "EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker v9", also known as 312-50v9 exam, is a EC-Council Certification. This set of posts, Passing the EC-Council 312-50v9 exam, will help you answer those questions. The 312-50v9 Questions & Answers covers all the knowledge points of the real exam. 100% real EC-Council 312-50v9 exams and revised by experts!

Q21. You have compromised a server and successfully gained a root access. You want to pivot and pass traffic undetected over the network and evade any possible Intrusion Detection System.

What is the best approach?

A. Install and use Telnet to encrypt all outgoing traffic from this server.

B. Install Cryptcat and encrypt outgoing packets from this server

C. Use Alternate Data Streams to hide the outgoing packets from this server.

D. Use HTTP so that all traffic can be routed via a browser, thus evading the internal Intrusion Detection Systems.

Answer: A

Q22. Your company performs penetration tests and security assessments for small and medium-

sized business in the local area. During a routine security assessment, you discover information that suggests your client is involved with human trafficking.

What should you do?

A. Copy the data to removable media and keep it in case you need it.

B. Ignore the data and continue the assessment until completed as agreed.

C. Confront theclient on a respectful manner and ask her about the data.

D. Immediately stop work and contact the proper legal authorities.

Answer: D

Q23. A Regional bank hires your company to perform a security assessment on their network after a recent data breach. The attacker was able to steal financial data from the bank by compromising only a single server.

Based on this information, what should be one of your key recommendations to the bank?

A. Move the financial data to another server on the same IP subnet

B. Place a front-end web server in a demilitarized zone that only handles external web traffic

C. Issue new certificates to the web servers from the root certificate authority

D. Require all employees to change their passwords immediately

Answer: A

Q24. You are a Network Security Officer. You have two machines. The first machine ( has snort installed, and the second machine ( has kiwi syslog installed. You perform a syn scan in your network, and you notice that kiwi syslog is not receiving the alert message from snort. You decide to run wireshark in the snort machine to check if the messages are going to the kiwi syslog machine.

What wireshark filter will show the connections from the snort machineto kiwi syslog machine?

A. tcp.dstport==514 && ip.dst== B. tcp.dstport==514 &&ip.dst== C. tcp.srcport==514 && ip.src== D. tcp.srcport==514 && ip.src==192.168.150

Answer: A

Q25. During a blackbox pen test you attempt to pass IRC traffic over post 80/TCP from a compromised web enabled host. The traffic gets blocked; however outbound HTTP traffic is unimpeded.

What type of firewall is inspecting outbound traffic?

A. Circuit

B. Packet Filtering

C. Application

D. Stateful

Answer: C

Q26. In 2007, this wireless security algorithm was rendered useless by capturing packets and discovering the passkey in a matter of seconds. This security flaw led to a network invasion of TJ Maxx and data theft through a technique known wardriving.

Which algorithm is this referring to?

A. Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)

B. Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TRIP)

C. Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA)

D. Wi-Fi Protected Access 2(WPA2)

Answer: A

Q27. A penetration tester is conducting a port scan on a specific host. The tester found several ports opened that were confusing inconcluding the Operating System (OS) version installed. Considering the NMAP result below, which of the follow is likely to be installed on the target machine by the OS? Starting NMAP 5.21 at 2011-03-15 11:06 NMAP scan report

for Host is up (1.00s latency). Not shown: 993 closed ports PORT STATE SERVICE 21/tcp open ftp 23/tcp open telnet 80 /tcp open http 139/tcp open netbios-ssn 515/tcp open 631/tec open ipp 9100/tcp open MAC Address: 00:00:48:0D:EE:8

A. The host is likely a printer.

B. The host is likely a router.

C. The host is likely a Linux machine.

D. The host is likely a Windows machine.

Answer: A

Q28. To determine if a software program properly handles a wide range of invalid input, a form of automated testing can be used randomly generate invalid input in an attempt to crash the program.

What term is commonly used when referring to this type of testing?

A. Bounding

B. Mutating

C. Puzzing

D. Randomizing

Answer: C

Q29. This international organizationregulates billions of transactions daily and provides security guidelines to protect personally identifiable information (PII). These security controls provide a baseline and prevent low-level hackers sometimes known as script kiddies from causing a data breach.

Which of the following organizations is being described?

A. Payment Card Industry (PCI)

A. B. International Security Industry Organization (ISIO)

C. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

D. Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Answer: B

Q30. Jimmy is standing outside a secure entrance to a facility. He is pretending to having a tense conversation on his cell phone as an authorized employee badges in. Jimmy, while still on the phone, grabs the door as it beginsto close.

What just happened?

A. Masquading

B. Phishing

C. Whaling

D. Piggybacking

Answer: D

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