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2016 Jun actualtests 400-051:

Q61. Which codec complexity mode, when deployed on Cisco IOS routers with DSPs using the C5510 chipset, supports the most G.711 calls per DSP? 

A. Low 

B. Medium 

C. High 

D. Secure 

E. Flex 

Answer: E 

Q62. Which element was added to H.225 messages to enable Fast Connect in H.323 version 2? 

A. fastStart 

B. fastConnect 

C. H.245 PDU 

D. User-User Information 

E. Connection Information 

Answer: A 

Q63. When multiple greetings are enabled on Cisco Unity Express, which greeting will take the highest precedence? 

A. standard 

B. meeting 

C. busy 

D. closed 

E. internal 

Answer: B 

Q64. Which two mechanisms does Cisco EnergyWise use for neighbor discovery? (Choose two.) 

A. multicast 


C. UDP broadcast 

D. Cisco Discovery Protocol 


Answer: CD 

Q65. Which capability is supported by Cisco Discovery Protocol but not by LLDP-MED? 

A. LAN speed and duplex discovery 

B. network policy discovery 

C. location identification discovery 

D. power discovery 

E. trust extension 

Answer: E 


Down to date 400-051 study:

Q66. What is the number of directory URIs with which a Cisco Unified Communications Manager directory number can be associated? 

A. 1 

B. up to 2 

C. up to 3 

D. up to 4 

E. up to 5 

Answer: E 

Q67. Which Cisco Unity Connection call handler greeting, when enabled, overrides all other greetings? 

A. holiday 

B. closed 

C. internal 

D. busy 

E. alternate 

Answer: E 

Q68. Which H.245 information is exchanged within H.225 messages in H.323 Fast Connect? 

A. Terminal Capability Set 

B. Open Logical Channel 

C. Master-Slave Determination 

D. Call Setup 

E. Call Progress 

Answer: B 

Q69. In Key Press Markup Language, which SIP request is used to deliver the actual DTMF digits? 






Answer: C 

Q70. Which statement about accessing secure Cisco Unity Connection voice messages in an Exchange mailbox in a Single Inbox deployment is true? 

A. Users can listen to a secure voice message if they use the Outlook email client. 

B. Users can listen to a secure voice message if they use the Outlook email client with the ViewMail add-in. 

C. Users can listen to a secure voice message with email clients other than Outlook if they have installed the ViewMail add-in. 

D. Users cannot listen to a secure message in Exchange because it is not supported in Single Inbox. 

E. Secure voice messages are stored on the Cisco Unity Connection server and the Exchange server. 

Answer: B 

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