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Contoso, Ltd., has an Office 365 tenant. All employees have Exchange Online mailboxes. You have an existing ActiveSync mailbox policy named Contoso-ActiveSync-Policy that applies to all sales users. 

You must prevent Sales users from copying their Exchange contacts to the native address book of their mobile devices while they are using OWA for Devices. 

You need to ensure that all sales users comply with the new policy. 

How should you complete the relevant Windows PowerShell command? To answer, select the appropriate Windows PowerShell segment from each list in the answer area. 


Q32. Your company has an Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack (SP1) organization and a hybrid deployment of Office 365. You have two federation servers named Server1 and Server2. You manage Server1 and Server2 by using a user account that is a member of the Domain Admins group. You need to set the authentication method of the federation servers to forms-based authentication. 

What should you do? 

A. Modify the Web.config file in the %systemroot%\\inetpub\\adfs\\Is directory. 

B. Modify the Global.asax file in the %systemroot%\\inetpub\\adfs\\Is directory. 

C. From the AD FS 2.0 Management console, add a claims provider trust. 

D. From the AD FS 2.0 Management console, add a relaying party trust. 



You are the Office 365 administrator for your company. The company has multiple Microsoft SharePoint Online sites that are shared with external users. Individual documents have also been shared from other Microsoft SharePoint Online sites. 

The company recently ended collaboration with a vendor named Contoso, Ltd. 

You need to revoke all sharing with external users who log in with accounts without affecting sharing with other vendors. 

Which three actions should you perform in sequence? To answer, move the appropriate actions from the list of actions to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order. 



You are the Exchange Online administrator for a company that has offices in Seattle, New York, London, and Paris. The StateOrProvince attribute in Active Directory is populated with each user’s location. 

Employees must be able to send email messages to all users in Europe. 

You need to create the distribution group. 

How should you complete the Windows PowerShell command? To answer, select the appropriate segment from each list in the answer area. 



You are an Office 365 migration consultant. Your company has been hired to migrate the legacy email solution of another company to Office 365. 

You are creating a migration plan for the two scenarios shown in the following table. 

You need to evaluate whether the client computer software supports Office 365. 

Which software requires action? To answer, drag the appropriate status to each target in the scenario table. Each status may be used once, more than once, or not at all. You may need to drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view content. 


Q36. You manage an Office 365 tenant that uses SharePoint Online. The organization purchases a second domain name to use with SharePoint Online. 

You need to create a new site collection that uses the new domain name. 

Which two actions can you perform? Each correct answer presents a complete solution. 

A. From the SharePoint admin center, add and configure the domain. 

B. From the SharePoint admin center, rename the site collection by using the new domain. 

C. From the Office 365 admin center, add and configure the domain. 

D. From the Office 365 admin center, configure the Global Administrator user principal name to use the new domain. 

Answer: B,C 


B: Create a Public Web Site by using a custom domain name 

1. Go to SharePoint Online Administration Center and Click ‘Site Collections’. 

2. Click ‘New’ button and Click ‘Public Website’. 

3. Create your Public Website. At the URL, choose the custom domain name you want to use as a SharePoint Public Website address. 

C: The New-MSOLFederatedDomain cmdlet, part of Office 365, adds a new single sign-on domain (also known as identity-federated domain) to Microsoft Online Services and configures the relying party trust settings between the on-premises AD FS server and Microsoft Online Services. 

Reference: How to add a custom domain name in SharePoint Online with a federated domain environment 

Q37. A company uses Skype for Business Online. You use as the verified domain name for the Office 365 tenant. Users conduct Skype online meetings. You add to the tenant and configure the tenant to use this domain name. 

You need to ensure that all Skype online meeting URLs contain the new domain name. 

Which Windows PowerShell cmdlet should you run? 

A. Update-CsTenantMeetingUrl 

B. Set-CsMeetingConfiguration 

C. Set-CsUser 

D. Set-CsMeetingRoom 

E. New-CsSimpleURL 



The New-CsSimpleURL command Creates a new simple URL, which can then be added to a simple URL configuration collection. Simple URLs make it easier for users to join meetings and conferences, and also make it easier for administrators to log on to the Skype for Business Server Control Panel. 

Example: The example shows how a new URL can be added to an existing collection of simple URLs. To begin with, the first command in the example uses the New-CsSimpleUrlEntry cmdlet to create a URL entry that points to; this URL entry is stored in a variable named $urlEntry. In the second command, the New-CsSimpleUrl cmdlet is used to create an in-memory-only instance of a simple URL. In this example, the URL Component is set to Meet; the domain is set to; the ActiveUrl is set to; and the SimpleUrl 

property is set to $urlEntry, with $urlEntry being the URL entry created in the first 


After the URL has been created (and stored in the object reference $simpleUrl) the final command in the example adds the new URL to the simple URL collection for the Redmond site. This is done by using the Set-CsSimpleUrlConfiguration cmdlet, the SimpleUrl parameter, and the parameter value @{Add=$simpleUrl}. This syntax causes the URL stored in the object reference $simpleUrl to be added to the SimpleUrl property. 

$urlEntry = New-CsSimpleUrlEntry -Url "" 

$simpleUrl = New-CsSimpleUrl -Component "meet" -Domain "" -

SimpleUrlEntry $urlEntry -ActiveUrl "" 

Set-CsSimpleUrlConfiguration -Identity "site:Redmond" -SimpleUrl @{Add=$simpleUrl} 


Not A: The Update-CsTenantMeetingUrl command updates the meeting URL for the specified Lync Online tenant. The updated URL uses a simpler, more standardized format that makes it easier for clients to locate and connect to meetings. 


The command shown in example updates the meeting URL for the tenant with the tenant ID 38aad667-af54-4397-aaa7-e94c79ec2308. (Note that you must supply the tenant ID in order for this command to complete.) After pressing ENTER to run the command, you will be asked if you are sure you want to update the meeting URL. You must answer yes to this prompt before Update-CsTenantMeetingUrl will actually make any changes to your Lync Online configuration settings. 

Update-CsTenantMeetingUrl -Tenant "38aad667-af54-4397-aaa7-e94c79ec2308" 

Not B: Set-CsMeetingConfiguration enables you to modify the meeting configuration settings currently in use in your organization. Meeting configuration settings help dictate the type of meetings (also called conferences) that users can create, and also control how (or even if) anonymous users and dial-in conferencing users can join these meetings. Note that these settings only affect scheduled meetings; they do not affect ad-hoc meetings created by clicking the Meet Now option in Skype for Business. 

Reference: New-CsSimpleUrl 


Your company subscribes to Office 365 Small Business. 

You need to disable all contact synchronization. 

Which two service categories should you configure? To answer, select the appropriate service categories in the answer area. 


Q39. Your company has a hybrid deployment of Office 365 that uses single sign-on. The company uses the SMTP domain. You have a server named ADFS_Server5 that has the Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) 2.0 server role installed. A power failure occurs at the data center. Power is restored at the data center. You need to verify that AD FS functions on ADFS_Server5. 

What should you do? 

A. Run the Test-MapiConnectivity cmdlet. 

B. Connect to 

C. Connect to 

D. Run the Test-Connectivity cmdlet. 


Q40. You are the Office 365 administrator for your company. 

Many employees work in remote locations with intermittent Internet connectivity. Employees must be able to access and reply to email messages, and access calendars, even when their devices are not connected to the Internet. 

You need to ensure that employees can access their Microsoft Exchange content offline. 

What should you do? 

A. Deploy and configure the AppFabric Caching service. 

B. Deploy and configure a BranchCache server. 

C. Configure the Microsoft OneDrive for Business Windows Sync client for offline access. 

D. In Internet Explorer 10, configure Outlook Web App (OWA) for offline access. 


Explanation: Offline access lets you use Outlook Web App on your laptop or desktop computer when you’re not connected to the Internet. After you’ve enabled offline access, Outlook Web App will work in an offline mode as needed depending on your network connection. When you’re online, Outlook Web App will automatically update the offline information. 

Reference: Using Outlook Web App offline 

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