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2016 Jul mcp 70-486:

Q11. - (Topic 4) 

You are developing an ASP.NET MVC application. 

You need to authenticate clients by using an ASP.NET membership database. 

Which authentication method should you implement? 

A. Kerberos 

B. Forms 

C. Basic 

D. Windows 

Answer: B 

Q12. - (Topic 4) 

You are developing an application that uses many small images. 

When the images load, the application runs slowly. 

You need to improve the performance of the application. 

What should you do? 

A. Preload all the images when the application starts to ensure that the images are cached. 

B. Convert the images to ICO file format and stream all images on a single connection. 

C. Host all images on a Microsoft Azure web role with multiple instances. 

D. Combine all the images into a single image and use CSS to create sprites. 

Answer: D 

Explanation: Because browsers limit how many concurrent HTTP requests they make to a website, a web page with many small icon images can result in a longer load time. You can combine many small images into a single larger image - a CSS sprite - using the free ASP.NET Sprite and Image Optimization Library available from Microsoft. 

Reference: CSS Sprites and the ASP.NET Sprite and Image Optimization Library 


Q13. - (Topic 3) 

You are creating a new authentication system that uses an HTTP header value. 

The existing authentication system must continue to operate normally. 

You need to implement the custom authentication. 

What should you do? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose all that 


A. Create a class derived from ActionResult and check for a valid HTTP header value in the ExecuteResult method. Change all actions to return this new class. 

B. Create an HttpHandler to check for a valid HTTP header value in the ProcessRequest method. 

C. Create an HttpModule and check for a valid HTTP header value in the AuthenticateRequest event. 

D. Create a class derived from AuthorizeAttribute and check for a valid HTTP header value in the AuthorizeCore method. Change usages of the existing AuthorizeAttribute to use the new class. 

Answer: C,D 

Q14. - (Topic 4) 

You are developing an ASP.NET MVC application that enables you to edit and save a 

student object. 

The application must not retrieve student objects on an HTTP POST request. 

You need to implement the controller. 

Which code segment should you use? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. 

Choose all that apply.) 

A. Option A 

B. Option B 

C. Option C 

D. Option D 

Answer: C,D 

Q15. - (Topic 3) 

Customers download videos by using HTTP clients that support various content encodings. You need to configure caching on the DownloadVideo action to maximize performance. 

Which attribute should you add? 

A. Option A 

B. Option B 

C. Option C 

D. Option D 

E. Option E 

Answer: E 


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Q16. - (Topic 3) 

You need to maximize performance of video delivery. 

Which code segment should you use as the body of the GetVideoStream function in the Video-Controller class? 

A. Option A 

B. Option B 

C. Option C 

D. Option D 

Answer: D 

Q17. - (Topic 4) 

You are developing an ASP.NET MVC application that uses forms authentication. The 

application uses SQL queries that display customer order data. 

Logs show there have been several malicious attacks against the servers. 

You need to prevent all SQL injection attacks from malicious users against the application. 

How should you secure the queries? 

A. Check the input against patterns seen in the logs and other records. 

B. Escape single quotes and apostrophes on all string-based input parameters. 

C. Implement parameterization of all input strings. 

D. Filter out prohibited words in the input submitted by the users. 

Answer: C 

Explanation: SQL Injection Prevention, Defense Option 1: Prepared Statements (Parameterized Queries) The use of prepared statements (aka parameterized queries) is how all developers should first be taught how to write database queries. They are simple to write, and easier to understand than dynamic queries. Parameterized queries force the developer to first define all the SQL code, and then pass in each parameter to the query later. This coding style allows the database to distinguish between code and data, regardless of what user input is supplied. 

Prepared statements ensure that an attacker is not able to change the intent of a query, even if SQL commands are inserted by an attacker. 

Reference: SQL Injection Prevention Cheat Sheet

Q18. - (Topic 4) 

You are developing an ASP.NET MVC application to be used on the Internet. The environment uses Active Directory with delegation to access secure resources. 

Users must be able to log on to the application to maintain their personal preferences. 

You need to use the least amount of development effort to enable users to log on. 

What should you do? 

A. Enable Forms authentication 

B. Enable Windows authentication 

C. Generate server SSL certificates and install them in IIS 

D. Enable Digest authentication 

Answer: B 

Explanation: Requirements for Delegation 

Delegation relies on Integrated Windows authentication to access resources. There is no limit on the number of computers that you can delegate your account -- you must correctly configure each of them. The Integrated Windows authentication method works only if the following two conditions exist: / You set up your network to use the Kerberos authentication protocol that requires Active Directory. / You set up the computers and accounts on your network as trusted for delegation. 

Q19. - (Topic 4) 

You develop an ASP.NET MVC application. The application has a controller named PeopleController.cs. The controller has an action method that returns a parent view. The parent view includes the following code. Line numbers are included for the reference only. 

The application also contains a partial view named People. The parent view must display the partial view. 

You need to add code at line 09 to display the partial view within the parent view. 

Which two code segments will achieve the goal? Each correct answer presents a complete solution. 

A. @{ Html.RenderPartial(“People”, Model);} 

B. @Html.Partial(“People”, Model) 

C. @Html.Display(“People”, Model) 

D. @Html.Raw(“People”) 

Answer: B 

Explanation: By default, any partial view rendered by calling @Html.Partial("PartialViewName") will get the view model passed to the parent view. 

Reference: How to populate mvc razor partial view 


Q20. HOTSPOT - (Topic 4) 

You develop a new ASP.NET MVC web application. The application is hosted in an Azure Web Role. It includes the following code. Line numbers are included for reference only. 

For each of the following statements, select Yes if the statement is true. Otherwise, select No. 


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